Saturday, November 17, 2007

Spain, Rota Spain

It's common courtesy to greet people with an 'hola' on entering a shop, restaurant or hotel – impress with an 'hasta luego' when you leave. If unsure when meeting someone for the first time, play it safe with a handshake, or reciprocate with a kiss if a cheek is offered.

Lunch is a leisurely affair, with locals lingering over their meal for a couple of hours or more at around 2pm, before snatching an afternoon siesta or some chill-out time. Consequently, dinner is eaten late, usually around 10 or so, and you won't have a problem ordering as late as 1am at weekends. Keep your hands above the table and if service isn't included, leave a 10 percent tip. While tempting with tasty tapas a go-go, never walk around eating sandwiches or the like in public - although ice-cream lovers are an exception to the rule.

While I was in the military, I spent almost 3 years in Spain. Believe me when we say, when you eat dinner, you eat late! If there are other military out their that were station in Rota or elsewhere in Spain, please post some of your experiences. Thanks Smokeybones... by the way, I just had to add in the patch. NSGA Rota was a great place when I was stationed there.


My Melange said...


I have never been to Spain(yet), but I have heard about how late they eat! I have experience with Italy and France, and they eat late...but that late is very *early* in relation to Spain's late ;)

Being respectful, and greeting shopkeepers will go far in all of Europe too!

Happy Travels~

Smokeybones said...

Thank you sooo much for your post you are my official first!! I hope u post more especially with your expertise of France and Italy. Please post at anytime, I will probaly even go back to you for more information :)

Thank you Smokeybones